Monday, July 28, 2008

Stay at Home Mom Blog- SAHMANSWERS

Drowning Our Kids In Happiness

Here's another blog about staying at home with an excellent article about sparing our children's feelings too often.

My Kids Are Out of Control

Over brunch I was talking with some friends this weekend, two being brand new parents, and I was saying how I have lost all control around the house and that I needed to be on one of those Nanny shows to have them come and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Certainly I'm to blame for my kids fighting endlessly and clinging to my side to the point that we don't get space from each other.

My good friend's husband said that even his adorable neices and nefews who are as sweet as can be have moments that they think, "wow, this kid is CRAZY." He mentioned that there are times when even kids that seem perfect most of the time, there are weeks when no one wants to spend time with these kids. Obviosly at our house, we had a week just like that. After a week like last week, I simply need to step back and remember the amazing times that we do have and reflect on those. I also happened to pick up a few parenting books this weekend to brush up on my skills. It never hurts, I know I have plenty of room for improvement.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ergo Baby Carrier

The Ergo Baby Carrier, I have often said I should start selling this product since I must be their biggest fan in the world.

I can't tell you how much I have loved this baby carrier over the years. It takes a little bit of confidence to use, but the benefits far outweigh the need for a spotter the first time you use this carrier. It fits easily in a suitcase, unlike most back packs and it is so much more comfortable than the standard hard frame pack.

Oh, and another thing, you can carry a child up to 40 pounds in the pack, without killing your back like the front carriers. We take this on all hiking trips so even when my four year old gets too heavey, I can throw her in the pack and let the baby walk for a bit.

Best thing yet, this website allows you to try it for free.