Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Movie Camps- $1 Movies For Charity

Every Wednesday at 10:00am now through August 6th there is a kid movie playing at the Newport on the Levee theater. We tested it out this week and found it well worth the dollar price to get in. We got there super early since they said you could buy your tickets up to a week in advance, I figured that meant they might sell out, but that was not the case at all. Plenty of seats. Plenty of quiet children (obviously a few babies fussing here and there, but not bad like I figured when I saw the daycamps pouring in) It's a great way to spend the morning, especially if we get some rain on a Wednesday this summer. My oldest complained that it was such a nice day outside, why should we spend it inside watching a movie? So certainly, going forward we are going to wait for rain.

July 2nd- The Water Horse- Legend of the Deep
July 9th- Alvin and the Chipmunks
July 16th- Shrek the Third
July 23rd- Bee Movie
July 30th- Surfs Up
August 6- TMNT

My Kids Are Eating Again!

It may be the summer, endless hours at the pool, or not getting Cheetos or cookies during school snack time, but what ever it may be my kids are back to eating again. I'm no longer overly sensitive of people bragging that their kids eat anything. Mine still don't, and most likely never will. But the good news is that after having them to myself this summer, I've managed to get them eating like they used to. (Funny that I'm trying to take credit for it, when really I know I'm trying to deny any wrong doing when they refused to eat.)

After playing in the pool for hours in the morning, we sit down to eat lunch at the poolside picnic tables, and suddenly they are willing to eat anything in front of them. They have no other choices, they eat what I bring, which is ONLY healthy food. They'll eat dinner that is cold from the night before. They'll eat cucumbers, cheese, fruits, veggies, and whole wheat crackers. Of course they look in the cooler to see if there is anything else and when they see there isn't, they hunker down and finish what is on their plate.

I love the summer! It makes me feel like I'm doing a better job parenting, even though I know it has little to do with anything other than endless jumps into the pool creating hungry bellies.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bring the Family to a Born Learning Trail Near You!

On June 21, the longest day of the year, United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) will join United Ways across the country in its first annual United Way Day of Action. This event is part of United Way’s new LIVE UNITED campaign and serves as a call-to-action for individuals to come together in collective efforts to make needed changes in their communities.

“Advancing the common good means recognizing that we are all connected and interdependent. It involves creating opportunities for a better life for all. When individuals, organizations, governments and businesses set aside their special interests and work together, we can make a difference. Living United means being part of the change,” says United Way of Greater Cincinnati president Robert C. Reifsnyder.

UWGC will unveil five brand new Born Learning Trails across several counties in celebration of early childhood education. The project was completed in conjunction with community partners Cincinnati Parks, City of Bellevue, City of Covington Parks & Recreation, Boone County Parks Department, Grant County Parks & Recreation, and corporate partners Citi and Toyota in Northern Kentucky. Born Learning Trails provide fun, physical activities to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities for our community’s children.

Besides walking the trail, families participating in United Way Day of Action will discover a variety of activities to entertain and inform them about community resources helping kids grow into successful adults. The Born Learning Trails and the times of their events are:

• Drake Park in Kennedy Heights from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. – The Nutrition Council, a United Way agency partner, will be whipping up a healthy snack station, where kids and parents can create their own tasty treats while learning about good eating habits. Children can also meet Kennedy Heights police officers and firefighters and check out all their gear and safety equipment. The Kennedy Heights Art Center will give children a chance to get in touch with their creativity through a fun art activity.

• Bellevue Beach Park in Campbell County from 9 a.m. to noon – A dental van will be on site to offer key tips and tricks to keeping those pearly whites shining. Children and parents can also enjoy cornhole, a coloring station, and kids can enjoy other fun activities.

• Central Park & Arboretum in Boone County from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Cooperative Extension will offer a number of snacks that showcase nutrition education. A library mobile unit will make a stop at the park, handing out free book bags and offering story time to entertain children. Experts from the Boone County Health Department will be on hand to give out free children’s dental kits and educational information to families.

• Devou Park in Covington (near Beringer-Crawford Museum) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Local songwriter and performer, David Kisor, will belt out popular children’s tunes while your kids sing along. A dental van will be on site to offer key tips and tricks to keeping children’s teeth shining. Children can also take advantage of a puppet show, face painting and other fun games and activities.

• Grant County Park in Crittenden from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. – Parents and children can pick up some free books and tasty food. The fire department will be on hand to show off the big ladders on their trucks and investigators will demonstrate a mock search-and-rescue dog demonstration. Families can also make hand puppets, practice letter writing with shaving cream, win door prizes and enjoy a drive-in movie at dusk.

Our community will be joining people all across the country who are going to take action on June 21—the longest day of the year—demonstrating how they LIVE UNITED by giving, advocating and volunteering.

United Way is also asking people to spread the word about a valuable service in our community—United Way 211— as part of this Day of Action. United Way 211 provides assistance to countless individuals throughout our region each and every day helping ensure they have opportunities for a good life. It’s an easy to remember telephone number (dial 2-1-1) that, where available, connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities. Visit to learn how you can participate.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Sweet Moment of Parenting

So often when one of my children does something sweet I say to myself, "How am I going to remember this special moment when I'm old." My Aunt Charlotte told me when I was a new mom to throw away the baby books and keep a notebook of all the cute things they say. She told me they all get their first tooth, but it's the sweet things they say that set them apart.

So today is the first day that I'm writing them down. Six years into the child rearing business and I'm just now realizing my memory isn't what it used to be. Seems I best be writing just about everything down.

So here goes cutest thing number one. I'm certain you won't find it cute, so feel free to switch to another blog--I'm a firm believer that stories and photos of children are never as cute to someone else as they are to the parents, so really, feel free to read the New York Times instead.

Today I was washing my dishes in the sink as usual when I cut my finger on a glass. It didn't hurt, as clean sharp cuts often do, just lots of blood. All three of my girls were in the kitchen when it happened and they all wanted a close up look at the red puddle forming on my finger.

They were truly fascinated. I dried up the blood with a handy dish towel, brought it into the laundry room, then stood there looking at the dishes while the baby kept repeating, "Band aid, band aid, band aid." (I am forever applying band aids for them but almost never for myself since I rarely fall down or one of the millions of reasons I get out band aids for the girls.)

When it finally registered what she was saying, I got out a Dora the Explorer band aid and she said, "I do it!" A behavior she always does when she thinks she needs a bandage.

I said, "No, Mommy needs to do it herself," and so I did. Then came the sweet part. My oldest daughter asked in such a sincere tone, if I was okay and if it hurt.

I replied "No, I'm fine, but thanks."

Then the baby said, "I kiss it? Kiss it?"

And then she ever so gently kissed my Dora band aid. It was then that I took a step back at the moment and thought I really want to remember this morning forever. I cut a finger and I have the love of three wonderful girls to ensure I survive the tragedy. It was so sweet to see how involved and concerned they were since they never see their mom injured in the same way I see them so often with a skinned knee or cut finger.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't Push Me Over the Edge

We all know the mom I'm talking about here (or maybe I/you are such a mom, no judgment from this desk). This is the mom that makes sure to work into a conversation about how their two year old has been out of diapers since the week before his second birthday. Or maybe you didn't hear that her four year old has had the training wheels off his two wheeler since...oh heck she can't even remember when. Her daughter reads chapter book after chapter book in mid-kindergarten. Division, no problem, he learned that from Dad before starting preschool.

We've all been there on either side of the conversation. I remember raising my nose at a mom for suggesting that she took her child to fast food restaurants everyday after preschool since he's SOOO hungry. Wow I wish I could take back my snubbing and politely add that yes, my daughter is famished too, end of topic. So why am I writing about this again you wonder? Well I'm really using this as a place to vent my frustration at such a bragging mom. I know some parents do have gifted children, and that is great. Mine are not gifted, I think they are really smart, but I know that is because I love them so much I can't think differently. But I was completely pushed over the edge this past weekend by the stereotypically over proud mom.

Don't for a second imply that your children eat everything and anything because you are doing everything right as a parent! I felt my head start to boil I was so ticked off over the comment! I can not tell you how many books I have read and strategies I have tried on tips for getting my kids to eat different things. Most nights, 8 out of 10 they go to bed STARVING, like tonight.

I can't cook a kid meal every night, out of my two oldest girls, only one of my kids likes pizza, the other won't touch it. One likes pasta, the over gags over it. One likes mac and cheese, the other would rather go to bed hungry. These are kid friendly meals that are rejected most nights. Wait, there are fish sticks that everyone likes. Great- not so healthy. Luckily the baby still eats anything, she loved the mushroom spinach risotto with toasted pecans, bless her heart, but I'm certain once she realizes that hunger isn't so bad in this rich country then she too will join the ranks of the other two. Wait until breakfast, things are always better then.

I give up. I'm a good mom, I have tried, but don't tell me your kids eat everything without giving me some brilliant suggestions because frankly, I REALLY don't want to hear it.

Brag to me all you want about your kids, I can take it, but DON'T brag about their ability to eat anything you put in front of them. I think it can make just about any mom feel on the edge of insanity.