Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Not all play groups are created equal. I promise.

I ran into a new reader of mine last week and she really got me thinking about playgroups. She is new to the "stay at home mom" life and she mentioned that she was invited to a play group. Although she didn't give me any of the details of why she was down on the play group, (trust me, I tried the get the dirt) she just stated that getting together with other stay at home parents just "wasn't her thing". I encouraged her to try again with a different group, and explained that they are all different. I get together with some moms, and we talk politics, how we can make this world a better place, and what we have been reading. But there are other moms that seem to talk only about their children, what they had for lunch, when they woke up, and how clean their house is. Although, I will admit, there are days when these are my favorite topics or the only things I have the energy to talk about, but really there is more to life than being the stereotypical stay at home mom.

So if one play group didn't work out, keep looking. There are so many out there, that really, one does have a choice.

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