Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolution- I'm Getting Organized

I've never been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Sure it's a fresh start on a new year, but one should eat healthy and exercise year round, not just the first few weeks of the new year. This year, I'm putting it in writing what I'm hoping to accomplish this year- or at least the first few weeks.

First, I'm going to get organized. For Christmas, my husband bought me two books that should help with the process. They are by the editors of Real Simple magazine. My opinion on the magazine is if you are looking to simplify your life, start by getting one less magazine. But these books really seem to have the highlights needed to get organized without all of the advertising and extras.

Real Simple

Second, I'm going to try a little harder to not to look like a stay at home Mom. I know this is stereotyping, but while I was at the museum center with the girls yesterday, I took a look around and noticed that I was surrounded by people who clearly stayed home for a living. I'm not saying I'm going to wear dry clean only clothes on a daily basis, if at all, but I'm going to start making an effort to look a little more put together. I saw so many moms in sweats- not trendy yoga pants or anything- just sweats and that really woke me up. How can we feel good about ourselves if we look like we could either be out for the day, or at home cleaning out the garage?

Third, I'm going to go grocery shopping with a list, and a plan. Often I come home from the grocery store with nothing to cook for dinner, just the staples- milk, bread and cheese. I imagine this will be a cost savings too.

So who knows how long all of these goals will last. I'll keep you posted as I fall off the resolution train, but until then, things should be changing for the better around here.


Anonymous said...

Now, wait just a minute. Do I detect a note of shallowness in Stunt Mom? Isn't the key to success in not allowing the superficial things like what you are wearing determine how you feel about yourself? How about other superficial things like a clean house? Heaven forbid that we moms let THAT determine how we feel about ourselves! I say bring on the sweatpants, the bad hair, the outdated glasses, the messy house, and with it bring on the happy kids. Now, that's not to say that you CAN'T look nice, but that if it's pushing you over the edge to add one more concern to your day, on any particular day, or if it's adding strain to your bankbook to extend your wardrobe, that you should be able to say "to hell with it." And let eating well, staying active, doing well by your kids, and doing well by yourself (i.e. giving yourself down time) -- all things that staying home can promote -- feed your own sense of well-being.

Sweatpant Mom

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective. I hadn't thought about avoiding sweats as being shallow, but you have a point. To an extent. I have the equivelant of a "sweatpant" hairstyle. The last haircut I had was back in August, when my mom made me an appointment with her hairdresser, and insisted I go. My dad watched my kids. During the haircut, the styist insisted I stop cutting my own hair in between cuts. My mom agreed. Flash forward to today - 4 months (yikes)later - pretty much every morning, after my shower, when I'm brushing my hair, I think to myself that I REALLY need to use some of my "alone" time and money to get a cut, that I look like a stereotypical stay-at-home mom. Doesn't help that one of my friends told me I had the same hairstyle as his wife - the "stay at home" cut. But then I get distracted with the daily stuff - breakfast, getting the kids dressed, activities going. True, staying home does promote my own sense of well-being, but keeping up my appearances would help, too. I was better about getting my hair cut and looking decent when I was working full time - why should things be different now?

StuntMom said...

Hey thanks for the comments. Sweatpant Mom, without sounding defensive, I would like to add as an example- I have a good friend that stays home with her daughter that claims to only have seven articles of clothing. She is not a fashion plate, but somehow ALWAYS looks pulled together with her non-sweat pants. One wouldn't tag her as a stay-at-home mom, just someone that is happy and content with her life choices. If you must wear sweats, then why bother changing out of your PJ's in the first place? Save yourself a step right there! -Superficial Stuntmom.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's pretty funny. Okay, both of you commenters have got a point. So, maybe the key in all of this is "streamline" -- get yourself a haircut that is low maintenance but nice, get yourself some clothes that are comfortable but nice, and get rid of clutter in the house so that it can be comfortable but nice. And don't worry about the dust monkeys, or the hair that popped out of place or the mud on the back of your left shoulder that your 2-yr old just deposited there. Is that pretty much where we are all coming from?

Trendy Yoga Pants Mom (Formerly Sweatpant Mom)

StuntBec said...

Interesting. We have quite a problem with dust bunnies in Maine. My sister in Connecticut has an influx of dust mice.

Yes, I think you are right on target, for what it's worth. When you combine "rid the house of clutter" with "get a low-maintenance haircut" and "dress nicely" (I've never been one to wear sweats in the first place), I'm thinking I better get to the hairdresser! 2 out of 3 isn't bad!