Monday, April 24, 2006

Chore Buster

Check out this website. It's brilliant. I really wish my husband and I had discovered this while we were both working since we argued so much about chores. (I know I did over 75% of the chores- he claims it was 50/50) But I went ahead and filled this out for all of the household chores we currently have, just to keep myself on somewhat of a schedule. I gave my oldest daughter less than 25% of the chores, along with my husband (I mainly gave him the chores he currently does, with a few extra) We've been at it for a week, and it's been fun. My husband asked me how to mop the bathroom floor, since it came up on his chore list! This alone was worth the time filling out the info. I've already had to go back and edit some of the chores- I forgot so many since the preset options don't include laundry, and grocery shopping, two big ones! Enjoy.


StuntBec said...

Okay, I've been sitting here for the past half hour, filling out my chore list. It's too much work! Sorry, it's easier for me to just remind the kids to make their beds every morning! As I do most of the daily chores, I guess I just don't need a list to remind me of what I've forgotten!!

Sorry, StuntMom. I did go into it with a positive attitude!

StuntBec said...

And the diagram of the ChoreBuster process...what a confusing diagram!! Tell me it baffled you, too.

Anonymous said...

There is a 'import preset chores' function, which will automatically create most common chores for you. This cuts down the time to set things up at the start