Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cracked into the MomForce

StuntMom suggested I post an update of my quest to break into the MomForce here in midcoast Maine. I was so lonely this past winter, my first winter in Rockland. Anyone remember my personal ad? Go back to January of this year...

On the Move Coffee Loving SAHM interested in occasionally hanging out with likeminded SAHM. Interests: books, the Brontes, grammar, hiking, cooking and baking, languages, children, picnics, gardening, and field trips.

Well, I did not post it anywhere. That just didn't feel right. Not me. But I have managed to meet a few moms, and make some friends. The Toy Library and Bea's art class were what turned the tide. I now feel like my family and I are a real part of the community up here in Rockland. When we go to the library, we are greeted by the librarians. When we go to the playground, we know some of the other kids' names. We get together about once a week with another mom and child for playtime/coffee. One new friend brought me over some of her tarragon and oregano for my herb garden. How cool.

And who remembers the chiding from StuntMom regarding the Brontes in my personal ad? She felt that was snobby. Well, guess what? I met someone right here in Rockland who is also a big fan of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Who would have thought?? I still miss Portland and my wonderful community there (Indian restaurants, too), but it's coming together here in Rockland. There are good people everywhere! It's just a matter of finding them.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great follow-up. I agree that it is a wonderful experience to find that there really are a lot of cool, interesting people out there -- people who are happy to make a new friend, too. And I'm glad you're in a place that has them, and that there are some who seem to be kindered spirits. What's really hard is if you end up in a place where no one seems to be aligned with you. That's not to say that all your friends should be just like you. In fact, god forbid! If my friends were just like me, I'd probably shoot them! :) However, there is an interesting complementary factor that has to come into play in a friendship, I think. And if you really can't find that in the people who live around you, then I think it's just time to move.