Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disney World Dreams

I was certain I would never take my three girls to Disney World until they were 100% certain of who they were. I didn't want Disney to turn them into princesses if they were destined to be tom boys. I was determined that they would always find a hike in the woods to be the highlight of their week, and not a thrill seeking ride or a hyped up trip to "make their dreams come true". But last night we returned from a four day trip to Disney World with little life changes.

The highlights were as follows:
Eden lost a tooth while in line for a ride. The tooth fairy was able to locate our hotel, so she made out like a bandit. A whole dollar for your first tooth! And she likes to tell the story that when my dad was a kid he only got 5 cents.

Eden fell out of bed and got a bloody nose, a fat lip and a scraped up face. It was a highlight since there was blood everywhere, including our princess nightgown that Grandma bought for the trip.

We got to ride endless buses too and from the hotel-airport-park. Everyone got their fill of buses and continued to find the school bus exciting the week we returned.

One thing I loved about the vacation was how kid friendly it was. I know, what was I to expect but when I think of eating out, I usually don't think of relaxation. At Disney World it was relaxing. I didn't have to pack a million toys and activities each day in effort to entertain them while out to eat. Disney did the entertaining for me during our meals. I didn't have to pack my own vegetables to eat out like I do at restaurants around home. Healthy food was served everywhere. Not to mention vegetarian options! I had a hummus sandwich with Broccoli slaw on whole wheat bread! All of the kids meals came with carrots and applesauce, unsweetened- what's not to love about the place? For background info-those that don't know, my in laws require us to eat out with them on a weekly basis, so we spend an unhealthy amount of time and money eating out with our kids. Good thing though, is that they really know how to behave in a restaurant- most of the time.

So would I go to Disney World again, you bet I would. There are no lines in September, which is all I remember about it as a kid, other than the "small world" ride. But I think I would wait a few more years. Our two youngest were much to young to keep up, let alone enjoy themselves for the whole day without a nap. It wasn't a cheap vacation by any stretch, but it was time well spent with the kids and in laws together.

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