Monday, October 01, 2007

Maybe It's Not Work That I Love So Much

My husband pointed out this weekend and I have thought about endlessly ever since, that it really isn't the fact that I'm working that has lifted my cloudy fog, it's change. I am a change addict, if I can be bold enough to self diagnose my problem.

Work provided so much change for me over the years. I would work a year and a half to two years in one position, then they would give me a new job, so things never got old. I was in a constant state of change. As soon as I figured out how to do my job, they threw another one my way. I was always challenged.

Two and a half years home with the kids and I started getting a little stir crazy. Sure, I was constantly challenged, almost on an hourly basis, but it was starting to become obvious that I was never going to be able to master this job. It's the hardest one out there, at least with my kids it was. Although I image there are mom's out there that have it all figured out, but I'm not sure I need to meet them.

So for the change addict in my, my life at work is great. It's stirred things up for awhile. I've already figured out this new job (since it's what I did before I opted to stay at home), so I see it getting old fast, and that will be just in time for the eight month project to be over and I'll be back to Stuntmom, the stay at home Mom again.

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