Sunday, December 16, 2007

Speaking of Laptops- Don't buy a Dell Alienware Laptop

I hate my Alienware laptop. I know harsh words for a semi-lover of computers but it's true. I feel like it's my mission in life to stop at least one person from making such a crazy purchase. My husband bought it a few years back claiming to love the slim size. Sure I think it was more of a marketing job well done, since it's a computer geared toward gamers- did I forget to tell you my hubby is a video game efficianado. After about 6 months, the battery died. What is the point of having a laptop if you must keep it plugged in. So we spent I think around $60 replacing the battery. Did this solve our laptop problem? No, not at all. It over heats too. Not a big deal in the winter right? Wrong. One must save work constantly or risk deleting everything you are working on. I can't tell you how many articles I was in the middle of writing for Stuntmom, only to be discouraged by my lovely Alienware shutting down.

I did read in PC Magazine back in March that Dell bought Alienware , so maybe they will turn them around, but don't count on it. Again, if I can stop just one person from buying Alienware computers, then this article has served it's purpose.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve and I am the forums Administrator for Alienware. I came across your post and I have to say I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having with your Laptop and our service. It is not typical of the Alienware experience and I would like to do what I can to make this right. Please E-mail your account information to my address at and I will see what I can do to help you out.

Best Regards,

Steve Lopez
Support Forums Administrator
Alienware Corporation

Unknown said...

Do keep us posted on how this turns out. "Alienware Meets Stuntmom" -- pretty cool!

StuntMom said...

Thanks for your concern. I sent Alienware- Steve an email but haven't heard back yet- I'm assuming he is out for the holidays. I will let you know how it all turns out.

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