Saturday, February 09, 2008

We Are Eating Healthy Around this House

My husband got hooked on this food tracking website a few months ago and it started getting on my nerves as of late. Right after eating every meal- at least at home, he spends time on the laptop (yes, our piece of junk Dell Alienware laptop) entering what he ate, and getting a "BLI Index" score. It's been a great thing in our house since the site has been teaching him about what foods are bad, without me nagging, and that you don't have to be totally stuffed after a meal to consider it being over. But what had been getting on my nerves is obviously not how much weight he has lost, but how much time he spends entering all of his information. So last night I chose to join him. Isn't it something like, if you can't beat them, join them? Right?Start Making Choices

So the first thing they ask is if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier. So I said to myself, I eat great (or so I thought), so maybe I should lose a few pounds. Why not, it sounds like a fun challenge especially since I have weight a comfortable weight of 142 for the last 10 years, excluding a few pregnancies and months of post pregnancy pounds. So I said, how about 7 pounds by June first. Not too much to ask of myself.

So the competition began last night. My husband and I are both going to lose our pounds by June 1st. I try hard not to be competitive, or I sort of try, but it's sadly in my blood somehow. So the first thing this morning I poured half and half into my coffee knowing there are some things in life that can never be sacrificed, but be happy to know I skipped pancakes for Quaker Oatmeal and yogurt--so it's not all bad.


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Angel17 said...

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