Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday Season at Our House

And I'm feeling so overwhelmed! I managed to talk the kids out of an organized party by instead doing something special on their day. My oldest daughter is taking a friend to a pottery painting place for the afternoon and for some reason I thought this was going to be easier. But instead I realized I didn't talk her out of anything. We still need to make the cake design of her choice, let's not forget the pinata (clearly she has decided that is her favorite part of parties), clean the house extra well since my parents will be attending, oh and wrap a few gifts.

The baby doesn't know it's her birthday, so she will get a cake, a few gifts (or shall I say a few boxes to unwrap) and of course, no friends are needed to make it complete, just the in-laws- and I see them enough I don't need to clean for them.

The middle child was easy to convince that she is having the first birthday sleepover by having a camping birthday. We invited all of our camping friends with kids, so it will be a simple celebration. Again, I need to make a cake, pack for camping, wrap a few gifts.... so really not so easy, but at least I won't need to entertain the kids which I always find the most stressful of it all. It's hard to keep up the energy going from craft to game to food for two to three hours. HOW DO SCHOOL TEACHERS DO IT?

So my advice to those who haven't had kids yet, given a choice in the matter, spread out the birthdays a little. It may seem like a good idea to have birthdays close together, or spring babies, or whatever was going through my mind every two years, but for the sake of birthdays, have a winter, summer and fall birthday, it will seem a bit more special for all involved.


Anonymous said...

We can pick when our kids birthdays are? I need to reseach how this thing works!

Anonymous said...

I will agree with you...a Spring child, a Summer child and why not a Winter one as well. We planned our two children we just didn't plan on falling pregnant first go BOTH times. The result... two December babies, the first on on the 21st and the second on the 8th. Yep, add Christmas on the 25th and our house looks like a toy store by Boxing Day!

Anonymous said...

This is so true. I am a firm believer in spreading out the birthdays. I also try to keep away from the holidays. So far I have a June and an October.

Angel17 said...

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