Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Kids Are Eating Again!

It may be the summer, endless hours at the pool, or not getting Cheetos or cookies during school snack time, but what ever it may be my kids are back to eating again. I'm no longer overly sensitive of people bragging that their kids eat anything. Mine still don't, and most likely never will. But the good news is that after having them to myself this summer, I've managed to get them eating like they used to. (Funny that I'm trying to take credit for it, when really I know I'm trying to deny any wrong doing when they refused to eat.)

After playing in the pool for hours in the morning, we sit down to eat lunch at the poolside picnic tables, and suddenly they are willing to eat anything in front of them. They have no other choices, they eat what I bring, which is ONLY healthy food. They'll eat dinner that is cold from the night before. They'll eat cucumbers, cheese, fruits, veggies, and whole wheat crackers. Of course they look in the cooler to see if there is anything else and when they see there isn't, they hunker down and finish what is on their plate.

I love the summer! It makes me feel like I'm doing a better job parenting, even though I know it has little to do with anything other than endless jumps into the pool creating hungry bellies.

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Angel17 said...

Thank you for sharing this blog about your kids. I like reading this.