Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Nu Toy Store

As I mentioned in my previous post, my trip to the library brought many gifts. My love of free local publications prompted me to pick up a copy of Westchester Family Magazine. Living in Westchester county, I thought certainly it would give me some suggestions of things to do this summer. To my amazement, they created a list of places I need to visit with the kids this summer. Some are free, some require a bit of cash, but here is a recap of our first stop on the list.

A Nu Toy Store in Tarrytown, NY. 36 Main Street Tarrytown NY. I'm not a fan of toy stores, mainly due to the consumerism involved, not to mention the overload of Hannah Montana and Dora. The ad stated that they buy used and new toys- sounds like a brilliant business to be in in a slumped economy, not to mention a environmentally focused store- the ultimate in recycling. I couldn't wait to check out the business model of this smart mom. I called ahead for advice on what we could bring to trade, stuffed animals were out, which is standard everywhere, so I had the kids go through their stuff to try to part with some of their treasures. I warned them that most likely we will have to pool all of the cash we get back to select one toy to share. I know from past experience, just because you spent $100 dollars on something when new, it's most likely worth a whole lot less.

We had luck with the stuff we brought in, but I have to admit, I spent a whole lot more. I was in love with the store! They carry mainly Melissa and Doug toys, and really, almost everything in the store was high quality and merchandised well. I bought a few birthday gifts for my nephew and a great chore chart for the kids. Really, it's sad how hard I work to get them to do anything around the house. I thought this might make it fun.

Their website mentions Family Game Night is back by popular demand! Friday July 24th. For $25 your family can pick a game, play the game, have dinner (pizza or hot dogs)and take the game home at the end of the night. Meet some great families and spend some quality time with your own!!

The store had a large selection of games not found in the typical toy store, Target or Wal-mart.It's a great independently owned business. If you live in the area, it's certainly worth the drive. Even if you don't live in the area, it's worth a trip to the store just to see what's on the shelves.


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