Sunday, November 13, 2005

Getting Your Kids to Eat

I never thought I would have fussy eaters. I eat just about anything that is healthy (with the exception of the sweet tooth indulgence). My oldest would eat Indian food at 6 months, tofu- not a problem, any vegetable, bring it on. Then she turned three.... and the trouble began. Suddenly everything is a battle. She eats only on occasion, and basically eats pancakes and an occasional veggie dog. I keep thinking it's a stage, but it's been about 6 months now so I started sneaking healthy things into the few things she will eat. Silken soft Tofu is always blended into our smoothies, chopped up fine into Kraft Mac and Cheese (which I swore I would never feed my kids- but they need to eat, right?) I even throw peas into the Mac and Cheese which my husband finds downright dishonest (he is a VERY fussy eater so he sympathizes with the kids). I found this great article that justifies my madness. Nutrition is important for growing kids, so here are additional suggestions for getting them to eat healthy. Keep in mind, they pick up quickly on how their parents eat, so setting an example is number one.

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