Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Health Insurance for Self Employed Families

For a family that opts to have a parent stay at home to watch the kids, often health care costs are a big concern. What if the working parent is self employed? A stuntmom reader asked me to do a little research on this topic, so here goes part one...

I found this website that seems to cover the basics and more. I entered the information for my family of four, based on our ages and zip code, many plans came back in what I would figure to be affordable, some very reasonably priced for major medical. For a $2,500 deductible, 20% co-insurance, and a $25 office visit, our monthly premium would only be $318 a month.

I spoke to my sister about this, since I knew she paid a lot more, and she seemed skeptical. Currently she pays a monthly premium of $995.69 with an individual deductible of $1,450 and a maximum family deductible of $2,900. She does have three kids, vs. our two and lives in Maine. When I entered her zip code in the website, they were not able to offer me insurance, so I think this could be the contributing factor to why they pay more in Maine.

Another website to visit before making the insurance change is Families USA the voice for Health Care Consumers. This is a helpful resource for what is happening in Washington on the healthcare front.

If any readers have first hand experience with this topic, I welcome your comments and feedback. As I research more, I will continue to add additional posts on Healthcare options.

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