Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mommy's Going to Jail

Not really, but I had a funny thing happen to me down in Portland last Friday. The kids and I went down to pick up my friend at the airport, and did some shopping before her flight arrived. We went to Filenes, as they are going out of business, and most of their stock is now 80% off. We needed a new down comforter for Jimmy's bed, so we tried our luck. After we found a comforter, I took the kids to the women's department, where I decided to try on some pants and skirts. We all piled into the dressing room, I took off my shoes, and started trying on clothes. The kids started singing, "Mommy's going to jail, Mommy's going to jail" over and over again. Don't even think about it, I was not filling my purse and stroller with unpurchased merchandise! I realized that, in their eyes, I had broken a cardinal rule, in taking my shoes off in a public place. (For some odd reason, they always want to take their shoes off in restaurants. I don't understand this desire.) So I loudly explained that it was allowed, to remove your shoes in dressing rooms, when trying on clothes. They didn't believe me, and kept singing their little song. I'm sure everyone else in the general area thought I was shoplifting. I quickly decided on a pair of pants ($4) and left.

How is everyone? What's new? Our family has just learned what croup is all about, as Jimmy's been suffering with it for the past few days.

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