Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ballet, Gymnastics, Preschool, What's Next?

I've read and heard tales of the family that is constantly shuffling their kids from one event to the next and I've often wondered why do we have such a problem with "down time" in our society? After spending three weeks of doing a whole lot of nothing other than relaxing at the beach, I returned to Ohio with an abundance of energy. It's the first week of preschool for my oldest daughter, yet I enrolled her in a ballet class one day a week, since a friend of mine has a daughter in the class. I thought it would be fun to hang out with my friend, while my daughter learns something new. I also thought it would be a good chance to help her get over being shy in new situations, since she has a friend in the class.

So sure, one would think, not a big deal- right? Next up, my middle child is heart broken that she can't be in the ballet class since it's for 4-5 year old kids. I start to question if I'm playing favorites. It's sad that at 2, she can't be in preschool, and she can't take ballet, so what is a mom to do? I'm relaying the story of deprivation to a friend of mine, and she suggests signing my two year old up for a gymnastics class, since they have them for young kids. Before I know it, my two oldest girls are now in gymnastics on Monday mornings. (My eldest insisted that she is ready for gymnastics too, and is willing to take a class where she doesn't know anyone- which I think is a big commitment coming from her since she is so shy)

Wow, how did all of this happen in a week? I'm not sure, but I hope it's not a habit. I've read about the families that run from activity to activity, eating on the run for every meal- is this where we are heading? Hopefully the fact that I'm asking this question is a touch of self analysis that will prevent me from a overly booked life with kids. Who knows, this could be how it all starts. Does every Mom say, "oh I'll sign them up this once, if they don't like it, that will be it". I guess I will have to let you know in 8 weeks when ballet is over.

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