Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Look Back

I sat down at the computer a hour ago to write an article that I promised to write a few weeks ago. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't come up with enough to make it a substantial article (not that it has ever stopped me in the past), so instead I spent the hour looking through old Stuntmom articles and realizing how much has changed in the year, or more accurate, how little has changed. So where am I today?

1. I don't use cloth diapers currently. Things are out of control with disorder around here, so I'm filling up landfills one diaper at a time. I do plan to go back to cloth, but it's going to be a few more months.

2. Diaper wipes- no, I don't make those either. Yes, I still like them better than conventional wipes, but I just haven't been able to cut through a roll of towels lately.

3. I do not go to the store with a meal plan. I just came back from Trader Joe's today, and still had no idea what to make for dinner. Nor did I really plan to go to T.J's, I was just looking for something to do since my husband is out of town tonight. Although I will say, I have an over achieving friend who went so far as to create a laminated calendar with all of the meals she makes, attaches to the calendar by velcro. Hmmm, can I make myself feel better and take some credit for the meal plan idea?

4. I do not wear make-up or even look nice when I leave the house. I actually wore a shirt with spit up on it, knowing in advance that it was dirty.

5. We still do not eat fast food.

6. We will not be signing up for Ballet or Gymnastics again this year. 5 weeks into our busy schedule and I'm looking for an out. I miss the days of not having a plan, when we would take walks in the woods or head to a playground just for something to do.

7. Since the move, my kids now watch too much television. I am shocked by how often I opt not to listen to my fussy kids, and I allow them to watch another Clifford the Big Red Dog, or another Dora. I fear for this winter when we are home more. Will I fold, and keep it on as background noise since they will be so used to it being on for hours, why not just leave it on? I think I need to challenge myself to another t.v. free week, just to kick the horrid habit. Or as a true addict, just to prove to myself that I can do it. Am I a bad Mom?

8. I don't have an anti-Bush bumper sticker on my new car, but I'm in the market for something smart, so please send me some good links.

9. The kids are going to bed without fussing. Thanks for the advice.


Jayne Martin Dressing said...

I'm thinking there is some kind of a fast food/TV trade off going here. I think you might get more minutes of TV since you are not allowing your kids to be part of the "fast food nation."

I saw a good bumper sticker-It just read: "1/20/09" (Bush's last day in office!)

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, George Bush has got to go!

StuntBec said...

Wow, no cloth diapers. It happens, that's for sure. I just started using them again, for a week. I ran out of diaper covers, and the diapers and covers sit festering in a bucket of vinegar and water, just waiting for me to come home and wash them.

I finally made it to Ireland, and wuss that I am, I just miss my family. Moms with babies are making me weepy. I know it's the lack of sleep. But I'm fortifying myself with a cup of coffee right now, and then I'm going to do some exploring.

StuntBec said...

Ooops. I didn't finish what I was initially going to say. StuntMom, don't beat yourself up so much. You can't, nor should you, be spot on all the time.

I feel the same way you do re: ballet and gym class, but with Bea. She's in all day kindergarten right now, and we also signed her up for Spanish once a week (after school), and she's continuing her once a week art class (again, after school). All in all, it's too much. My instinct didn't tell me this was too much, but now it's speaking to me, loud and clear.

Be happy that your instinct talks to you, too, and tells you that you and your kids are overbooked.

The scheduling meals a month in advance made me uncomfortable, so I think it's just fine that that one didn't pan out for you. Why not keep a well stocked and flexible pantry, instead? Anyway, you've inspired me to look over my goals for the past few months - compare them with my reality. Cut yourself some slack! You deserve it.

StuntMom said...

I'm so glad to hear you finally made it to Ireland. I was a little nervous when I saw you had some comments, thinking you were on your home computer. Anyway, have a great time and stay busy so you won't notice how much you miss your kids. Remember, it's good for the mind to get some space from them for a little while.