Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Married and Single Parents Spending More Time With Children, Study Finds

Here's an interesting article from today's NY Times. It says what I've been saying all along from being a working mom, to staying home- housework it what suffers in the end. Thanks for sending it along, Scott.



Jayne Martin Dressing said...

I should be elated by the results of this article which seem to suggest that children are not suffering at the hands of working mothers and fathers, but several things bother me (not the least being the interview with the Christian Conservative rather than Gloria Steinem). For one, what is up with moms putting in so many extra hours, sleeping less, and getting no exercise or time to themselves? It's like a punishment for wanting to work and have children; as a result you will no longer have any other social life. Thank you, Gary Bauer for pointing out that we're getting some things right. Another concern I have is the lack of time that parents are spending together, without children. You would think that with two incomes, there would be more money to pay for babysitters or at least trade off with all the other exhausted moms. Apparently everyone is just too dang tired to look at their husbands, cook dinner, etc. I was amazed at the somewhat contradictory information that suggested married mothers spent 12.9 hours on childcare related activities, but 19.4 hours on housework! That is one clean house!

I do think the research is on to something when they talked about how "social norms have changed, prompting parents to make greater and greater investments in child-rearing" and that couples "feel pressure to raise the perfect child."

StuntMom said...

Funny how the article on puberty really got me thinking when I went to put some funky hand lotion on at the Aveda salon. I thought, "hmm what if Penelope developes breasts next week, maybe I should wash my hands after using lotion". So obviously both articles got me thinking. But I must say, while I cleaned my house all evening since my parents are coming for a visit on Thursday, I kept thinking that it is the norm now to put housework last and focus on our kids. My mom had a spotless house while we were young and my mother-in-law always points out that no one expects it to be clean with three little ones, so I think if I feel the judging eyes of my mother, I will point her in the direction of the article and mention gymnastics and ballet...