Monday, May 07, 2007

Breaking a Habit

Doesn’t it feel great to do something different than whatever you tend to do by habit? And you know when you’ve done it, too. Some of the habits that we have are clear for all to observe, if they happen to be watching – smoking, drinking, watching tv, etc. Others, only those closest to us know about. Still others might only be known to ourselves. We are definitely more intimately involved with our own habits than anyone else is. And they fit our psyche so very comfortably. Mental patterns and actions that others wouldn’t even want to try on, and to which they would definitely never create feelings of attachment. But it goes both ways – their habits wouldn’t suit us either. Just because a habit suits you doesn’t mean it’s a keeper, though. I think that even so-called “good” habits are worth shedding once in awhile. I think it’s like dropping a piece of luggage – it can make you feel a little lighter.

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