Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Lovely Day For a Hike

On occasion being a stay at home mom gets to me. I get tired of the potty accidents, the spilled food, the constant fighting, the endless sink full of dishes, the house that is never clean.... and the list goes on. Then the weather changes. Life is suddenly so amazing. We have been blessed with the most incredible days these last few weeks. The sun is shining, the air is warm and lacking humidity, our windows are open and the rain comes in the evenings or for only a few minutes- it's impossible to be inside.

The girls and I have been able to take full advantage of these days by going on daily nature hikes. This is the reason I wanted to stay home. To teach my kids to love the outdoors. We start off the day with a quick read of the paper, by just me, interrupted frequently of course. Then we head outside. Now that I have a five year old who is strong enough to manage one of the dogs, the three of us have been hiking everyday, with the two dogs. One dog goes off leash, one on leash, held by my oldest daughter. I hold the hand of my soon to be three year old, and the baby is in the backpack. All is wonderful. We hike for a little over an hour each day, and suddenly there is the absence of all fights, and other things that can get us down over the course of the morning. Today we mixed things up a little, we went to story time at the arts and crafts library in Corryville, Wednesdays at 10:30am, and went hiking in the evening- all to end our day with a picnic dinner at the park with some friends and their dogs.

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marshkn said...

Cool! What are your favorite hiking locations? Maybe we can join you one morning, if I can be on the way to school with the kids by 10:40...