Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Blog to Inspire

Whenever I'm contemplating working vs. staying at home I often seek the Internet. (Yes, I question it often) Here is a great website to offer insight on life as a stay at home mom. It was cancer that made her take a step back and realize her meaning in life.

Wendy, the blogging woman wrote an article about taking your kids to work day as a stay at home mom, and won the contest- pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for the great reference. I'm glad to think that I can be an inspiration to anyone. I'll have to rmemeber it when I am LOSING MY MIMD with kids and need a second to stop and have a glass of wine..:) (hey, who doesn't occasionally hav a bad day at work?

Take care!

StuntMom said...

Isn't that the truth. I try to remember that when the kids are fighting endlessly. I remember having to deal with my difficult customers and remember that at least my children are sweeter most of the time. Well, some of the time.

Angel17 said...

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