Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't Push Me Over the Edge

We all know the mom I'm talking about here (or maybe I/you are such a mom, no judgment from this desk). This is the mom that makes sure to work into a conversation about how their two year old has been out of diapers since the week before his second birthday. Or maybe you didn't hear that her four year old has had the training wheels off his two wheeler since...oh heck she can't even remember when. Her daughter reads chapter book after chapter book in mid-kindergarten. Division, no problem, he learned that from Dad before starting preschool.

We've all been there on either side of the conversation. I remember raising my nose at a mom for suggesting that she took her child to fast food restaurants everyday after preschool since he's SOOO hungry. Wow I wish I could take back my snubbing and politely add that yes, my daughter is famished too, end of topic. So why am I writing about this again you wonder? Well I'm really using this as a place to vent my frustration at such a bragging mom. I know some parents do have gifted children, and that is great. Mine are not gifted, I think they are really smart, but I know that is because I love them so much I can't think differently. But I was completely pushed over the edge this past weekend by the stereotypically over proud mom.

Don't for a second imply that your children eat everything and anything because you are doing everything right as a parent! I felt my head start to boil I was so ticked off over the comment! I can not tell you how many books I have read and strategies I have tried on tips for getting my kids to eat different things. Most nights, 8 out of 10 they go to bed STARVING, like tonight.

I can't cook a kid meal every night, out of my two oldest girls, only one of my kids likes pizza, the other won't touch it. One likes pasta, the over gags over it. One likes mac and cheese, the other would rather go to bed hungry. These are kid friendly meals that are rejected most nights. Wait, there are fish sticks that everyone likes. Great- not so healthy. Luckily the baby still eats anything, she loved the mushroom spinach risotto with toasted pecans, bless her heart, but I'm certain once she realizes that hunger isn't so bad in this rich country then she too will join the ranks of the other two. Wait until breakfast, things are always better then.

I give up. I'm a good mom, I have tried, but don't tell me your kids eat everything without giving me some brilliant suggestions because frankly, I REALLY don't want to hear it.

Brag to me all you want about your kids, I can take it, but DON'T brag about their ability to eat anything you put in front of them. I think it can make just about any mom feel on the edge of insanity.

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