Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cozi Central

I'm in the middle of yet another move and I always seem to take the time to focus on tasks that I should have done long ago. I'm taking a break from cleaning and packing to get organized through Our family has been using Cozi for a year now and I keep finding new things that I love about the site. It's an online calendar and organizational too which hooks up to my husband's work calendar so he always knows what's going on at home too. One of my favorite features is the list section. I'm a list maker, but I usually make a million on little scraps, so I can never find them when needed. So now I make them store specific in Cozi. I have one for Trader Joe's, Target and one for Stop & Shop. Now when I'm making a list, it suggests things that I bought there in the past, for example, peanut butter from Trader Joe's and coffee, staples but often forgotten. Need I mention that I took a break from packing to do a "To Do" list and found my last moving "To Do" list that I used 6 months ago. Most of the chores were the same, so I added a few new to the list and deleted old.

I spent a little too much time in the getting organized for school section this morning. I'm forever trying to figure out how to keep everything straight, now you can download your school calendar right into your family calendar.

Okay, I really can't say enough great things about this site. Give it a try, it could change your life. I will say I do miss the old feature where the calendar didn't need an internet connection to access it, but I understand the need for advertising on the site, so I will put up with the slightly slower calendar access for the great services Cozi offers.

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