Monday, September 21, 2009

Babies in Our Tummies

I know better. I have read everywhere that you should refer to being pregnant as having a baby in your uterus. Not sure why, but I do remember reading about it and thinking it all makes perfectly good sense- they aren't in our stomachs food goes there, so don't teach an incorrect fact.

This morning Penelope and I were having a snack of yogurt (she calls it Ogurt, much like Shrek food) at the dining room table and we were chatting about various things like the Halloween decorations we put up last night and the funny berries in the Yogurt, when she asked if she could go back into my tummy where she came from. She was ready to return. I gave her the sad news that she doesn't get to go back, it's a one time free ride. "But I really liked it in there". Okay freaky if she really remembers it. But all the same, I said "no".

So how did I get there?

Rather than getting into a long explanation about the facts of life at three, I stated that she was pretty much like a seed growing there. She started out so small, then grew big enough to come out. But how did I get a seed in there? Did they cut you up to put my seed in there? Can we cut you up so I can get back in?

All valid questions how could I argue with such logic?

They did cut me up to just a little to get you out since you were stuck, but that isn't normal.

So if they can cut you up to get me out, can't they cut you again to get me back in there, I really want to be back in your tummy.

Realizing we aren't getting anywhere, I try to finish it up by saying it's just not an option again, you only get one chance to ride inside of me. Starting to lose interest too she finishes up with, "So it must be just magic I guess. It must be the tooth fairy putting the seed inside you. I just love the magic tooth fairy."

Me too, sweet girl, me too.


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They did cut me up to just a little to get you out since you were stuck, but that isn't normal.
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