Monday, August 01, 2005

City Bus!

One interesting thing my daughter picked up from daycare was this top of her lungs scream whenever a city bus passes. "CITY BUSSSSSS!" Apparently they spent their time watching the buses go buy when they were out on their daily walks.

Yesterday we took a trip downtown on the city bus. All three of us one way at $1.50. Our goal was to visit the main library, eat a quick lunch down at the fountain, then hop back on the bus all before nap time.

Getting on the bus was a challenge with two kids, our GREAT stroller, lunches, diapers, change in hand, one year old other hand, and three year old wishing for me to hold her hand too, was a quick struggle, but we managed.

We got on the bus and the fun began. As we started up the bus stairs, a little old lady grabbed my oldest to lift her up the three high steps. Not only was she terrified of the non English speaking waif of a lady but she was insulted that she thought she needed help. We sat on the open old person/handicap seats right at the front so I could get situated before walking back up to put my money in the machine. ( I wasn't sure of the price, so I didn't have the proper amount readily available). Although next time I will wear something with pockets for easy access to my money.

Both of the girls were extremely entertained by the ride. After all, how often do they ride without a seat belt or in my arms?

I would have to strongly recommend my stroller that makes getting on and off the bus a breeze. It's a Maclaren stroller. Now please understand, I'm not into name brands at all, but I love my stroller. If you are looking for a perfect shower gift/ baby gift that you and some friends are going in on, I would have to strong arm you into purchasing this stroller. It's PERFECT for getting around town. Maclaren strollers are designed in England by people that understand the key ingredients in a stroller. The Maclaren strollers are high priced umbrella strollers but worth the price.

The reasons for my love of my Maclaren stroller:

  • It comes with a carrying strap for hands free travel- great for the bus and stairs
  • It is lightweight
  • All models in 2005 have a canopy to protect your baby from the sun
  • All are designed tall so no more bending over to push
  • There is plenty of leg room so you wont be kicking it while walking
  • You can push and control it with one hand
  • Oh the list goes on and on.

I did my research and borrowed one before making the investment, and I couldn't be happier. I have a few other strollers in my garage and the only one I use is the Maclaren Stroller . It's just brilliant.

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