Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Out of the Funk

I heard from my one dedicated reader that I haven't updated Stuntmom in awhile. For this, I apologize. I've been in a bit of a Funk with my new career choice. I expected this to happen, but I really didn't expect it so soon. I figured over the winter some sort of panic over the big life change would happen, but here I was in the middle of the summer with a feeling of gloom. I was having a little trouble doing anything social, or even motivating the family to do anything fun. I requested my husband to start planning a few activities over the weekend, so I wasn't responsible for motivating the troops to leave the house 7 days a week. Hopefully this coming weekend will be filled with new activities that I don't have to agonize over planning.

I think I'm snapping out of it, due to the social engagements I have planned over the next few days. We'll have to see, I'll keep you posted.

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StuntMom said...

Thanks to the reader who reminded me of how lucky I am to stay at home. It is so exciting to see their first steps, hear their first words and take them on their first bike ride. I remember being crushed when my daycare told me they took my baby on the swing for the first time, or saw her attempt walking. Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective.