Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Without a Drop

We woke up this morning without a drop of water in our pipes. My husband had to leave the house for work without a shower. Luckily I filled the coffee maker with water the night before, so we were able to function at some level.

So what do you do without water? The good news is that one has an excuse not to clean the house. How can you clean without water? Laundry- not today thanks. Dishes, no way.

So the fun began. The three of us set out on a walk to look at the bulldozers and jack hammers. We asked the water workers if they had an estimated completion time, for which they said a few hours. With that said, it became a celebration day.

Unshowered (which I told my friend Karen, was something I would never let happen as a stay at home mom- I really don't want to look like a soap opera, junk food eating mom) But today, the whole neighborhood was without a shower, so I thought it was acceptable.

After the walk around the block, we went back for the bike and stroller, and took another ride around the block. After that, we rode the bike and stroller up to Graeters to celebrate a day without water with generally forbidden doughnuts. We took the treats, along with sippy cups of milk to the public water fountain at the center of the neighborhood and ate our sweets while we watched the water splash out of the sculpture. After we finished, we washed our hands in the fountain, rode the bikes/stroller back- all in time to return for my one year old child's morning nap.

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