Friday, February 10, 2006

Messy Art Room

Yesterday, we had to skip the new and exciting Toy Library, due to runny noses in all three of my children. In their paperwork, they ask that you stay home if your child has a cold (although the catty part of me is sure we picked up these colds last week at the TL). Anyway, after many tears shed, the kids came to terms with the change in plans.

As a special treat, I lugged our circa 1992 television downstairs, and let the kids watch a train movie while eating breakfast. (We keep our television upstairs in a closet, unplugged and silent. It's a real hassle to bring the behemoth out of its hiding place. We don't get any cable, and therefore get zero stations. My husband and I are trying to raise our children with as little TV in their lives as possible. Trying is the operative word.)

While reading the local paper, I saw on the calendar an event for adults and children at the Lincoln Center for the Arts - Create your own Valentine Cards from 3-5 PM. $5/person, to benefit the Lincoln Center. So I put little Henry down for a late nap (my husband works from the home, and promised to keep an ear out for him), and at 3 o'clock, the two older kids and I walked to the end of our block, where the Art Center is located. It's an old middle school that has been transformed into artist studios. I'd never been inside before, so was excited to check it out.

Signs with cut out hearts directed us to the basement, where The Messy Art Room is located. How cool! A place for the kids to really have fun. There was all sorts of paper, fabric, glue, glitter, stamps, scissors, anything your crafty heart could desire, and more. All of these supplies were on a large table that came up to my knee - very kid accessible. The volunteers running the show were so friendly. For two hours, we cut and pasted, and had a really fun time. I usually limit glitter to outside projects, so when the kids saw the tray of glitter, they were beside themselves with glee. While chatting with the other adults, I learned of a Fiber Arts get-together that happens every Tuesday from 2-4 (adults only). Bring your projects, and work and chat for a few hours. I think I'll give it a try next week. Back to the Messy Art Room - we did a quick wash-up, and at 5 o'clock, headed home. Now, what to cook for dinner??


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you...the dam has broken! How come a little part of me is jealous...guess I just have to move up there ;-)

StuntBec said...

Hurray! Move to Rockland!! I think the house across the street from us is going on the market's huge, needs just a touch of TLC...