Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Fair Game

I've volunteered to co-chair the PTA Holiday Fair this year, which, besides being a big time eater-upper, has been pretty interesting. How bizaare, or sad, or something, to see the same corporate world people dynamics I left years ago (pre-marriage, pre-children) surface at PTA meetings. Unsettling.

Anyway, I offered to find a new and exciting game to be played at the Holiday Fair. So I've been sifting through website after website, trying to find something to replace the tired Cake Walk. I'm told it was bust last year. And a complaint of last year's Holiday Fair was that there were no good games for the older (5th and 6th graders) kids. There's a Bean Bag Toss lined up, and a Lollipop Toss. Any ideas out there for a more "mature" game?

I found this one online - what do you think?

British Bulldog Caution: This game can get rough.
All the players (except one) line up at one side of the playing area. The remaining player (The Bulldog) stands in the middle. When he is ready, he shouts "Go" and all the other players have to get to the other side without being caught. Any player the The Bulldog can lift off the ground while he shouts "British Bulldog", joins him in the middle as a Bulldog. On subsequent runs, the Bulldogs may work together. The winner is the last one to be caught.

I especially like the warning given. If we do this one, I think we need to ask to use the Cheerleader Bouncy Pads on the gym floor, in case a kid or two gets dropped. But seriously, if you have any game suggestions, I would love to hear them, esp. if they're not JUST about Christmas. It would be nice to include a non-Christian aspect to the mix.


Jayne Martin Dressing said...

How many kids are you talking about? British Bulldog sounds scary! Would any parents have corn-hole sets (something like horseshoes with bean bags). Kids had fun with this at our fall festival. Setting up a portable soccer goal is pretty easy and goes over well.(kids can kick for a prize-something little like temporary tatoos). Crafy things like making bookmarks or face painting are always a big hit as well. Ring toss or some bowling type game are also fun. Good luck-sounds like a lot of work.

StuntMom said...

Hey, what's wrong with the cake walk? Hmmmm, I guess it's pretty lame since who really wants a cake anyway? (other than Stuntbec's scratch cakes) I'm with Jayne on the dangers of the bulldog game. Just the name slone sounds violent. Good luck finding something. How about a game we used to do at the zoo- it was with all of the kids forming a circle except the blind folded child in the center and one without a blindfold, and it was basically Marco Polo, just called bat and moth using ecolocation to find the moth. It seemed to be popular with all ages and it is pretty safe, no accidents were reported in the four years I worked there.