Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Still Around!

Hello! Now that I have a child in kindergarten, I get so much more done here at home. Can you believe my luck? So many people have said, "why, now that Bea's in school, I bet you're finally able to tackle some of those bigger projects." Really, a lot of people say this to me.

The truth? Life has become, sadly for me, much busier than it used to be. Kindergarten makes us so busy. My schedules (see January of last year) of hikes on Tuesday, baking bread on Wednesday, seem almost silly now. My day feels so schedule-ish now; I want the carefree days back! Where is the balance? I'm looking for's what we have to work with:

Every day, Bea is up by 7. She gets dressed (clothes are picked out the night before), washes her face, etc., has breakfast, and then, off to school we go. We're out the door by 8, for a nice 15 minute walk to school. If I'm lucky, I can leave the boys at home with my husband, while I enjoy a peaceful walk. Once I get home, I get the boys dressed, and try to cram in all of my household chores, cooking, and grocery shopping before 2:30, when it's time to pick up Bea from school.

It doesn't end at 2:30. On Mondays, we come straight home. Tuesdays, she has her art class. This is very important to her - she looks forward to it every week. It's an hour and a half long, from 3:30 - 5 PM. She had Spanish after school every Wednesday, but we finally decided to end it, a month early, due to her falling asleep every week in class. Thursdays we watch another little girl, after school, until about 5:15. And by this time, Thursday afternoon, I'm beat.

I teach every Monday afternoon, and Tuesday evening, and everything about those days are chaotic. It doesn't matter how prepared I try to be. They are just crazy. I don't see how "two parents working outside the home" families survive.

How can we make our lives less crazy? Dare I say it? Less scheduling, I'm afraid.

And now, to add to the mix, I've volunteered to co-chair the Parent/Teachers Assoc. Holiday Fair at the elecmentary school. It's coming up, December 7th. Just a few weeks to pull it all together. Now, when I put on decent clothes in the evening, the kids don't ask if I'm going to go teach, they ask me if I'm going to a PTA meeting.

Hope all is well with everyone. And don't read this as me whining, because I'm not. I love what Bea's learning in school, and I can't tell you how cool it is to meet so many new (to me) parents. Life is good - I'm just searching for a good balance! And now, it's time to go get Bea from school! Hurray!

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