Monday, November 06, 2006


It's finally here, the day we all get to head down to the polls to cast our votes in hopes of changing the way things are going (or I guess there are probably a select few that are hoping to keep things the way they are, so maybe the complacent thinkers will just opt to stay at home?)

In the past, we have always taken the kids to the polls with us since we thought it would be good to have them witness voters, and the act of voting at an early age. This year things are going to be a little different. I'm getting up early and I going it alone. Hopefully there will be other voters there to, but I'm hoping to leave the kids at home. My fear is that with three kids, I won't be able to concentrate on some of the tougher issues, like our anti smoking - Vote No on 4, and Yes on 5. Any other way, and one ends up supporting smoking in public establishments, by canceling the other out. I'm also a little fearful that I'll end up voting Yes on issue 3. VOTE NO ON 3. This is the lovely measure to get a few casinos into Ohio. If the casinos get their way, which most likely they will, since they gave so much money to the democratic and republican parties, then we will have legalized gambling in Ohio. Sure it starts with slot machines at racetracks, but it ends up making it easy to get additional casinos in the state. No, I'm not against gambling, not at all. I'm just against the way the casinos went about making them about giving money to the poor by scholarships to our fine universities. Our sweet new casinos will be working to get the top 5% of students into the state schools. Sound like it's a free trip to the Universities for the underprivileged? Just take a look at all of the broken promises the Casinos have generated up in Maine. A good example of loopholes in the donations from gambling profits.

Okay, I'll get off my high horse now, and will spare you of all of my other political ranting. Just make it out to vote- you have no excuse.


StuntBec said...

So, what broken promises have you heard about in the racinos in Maine? Just curious. An article in our local paper just told us that one of the biggest impacts the racino (and there is just one racino at this point) has caused is a noticable drop in people playing the Maine State Lottery. Interesting, and not surprising, the racino itself has reported much higher earning than anticipated. So anyway, what have you heard about the racino? And Im happy to report that there are currently no casinos in Maine; at least that was soundly rejected by the voters.

StuntMom said...

The bad press from the Maine casino's was offered up by Dad, so I guess I should take it all with a little skepticism.