Friday, March 23, 2007

So Here We Go Again

I need to read the paper. It's become painfully obvious that I have no idea what is going on in the world, since I had to cancel my subscription to the Cincinnati Enquirer due to delivery issues (see Obsessions 11/7/2006). My husband told me about a month ago there was an add in the paper looking for a new delivery person for our neighborhood, so I thought, great, the guy has been fired, so I will wait until the new person has established themselves, and I will once again order our local paper.

This week I called the Enquirer circulation services and they said the person on our route has been on the route since 2005, so no, I really can't expect my paper on time, in other words. So as a friend suggested, I should get the NY Times. Not only will I know what is going on in the world, but I will seem sophisticated (which I'm assuming is a joke, especially since I have no desire to seem or be sophisticated). So I signed up on line, and I couldn't wait for the start of my Friday delivery!

I set my alarm last night since my goal is to have the paper read by the time the kids wake up. I woke up to a beautiful warm morning, so I quickly and quietly got dressed and headed outside. Do I even need to say it.....? No paper. I didn't panic, like you might think, I just went back inside, made some coffee and went back out to the front porch with my hot coffee in hand. And I sat down and waited. I waited and waited. I finished my coffee, and suddenly noticed that other people already had their papers, so I was waiting for nothing. Rather than flipping out, like I would have in the past, I went back inside, and invited my husband out to the porch to enjoy a cup of coffee while we have a kid free moment to chat.

Just a short while later, the two oldest kids woke up and they ate breakfast out on the front porch while we said hi to neighbors walking dogs, leaving for school and work. So even without the paper, it turned out to be a beautiful start to our day. I will not obsess again about the paper.


Anonymous said...

You realize, of course, that the New York Times is most likely delivered by the same person who delivers the Enquirer, right? My friend delivers papers in Cleveland and not only delivers the Plain Dealer, but the New York Times as well. Just thought that might answer some questions about circulation for you!

StuntMom said...

Yes, I did realize this. I knew I might be dealing with the same person, but I thought there could be an outside chance it's someone else. On the second day that my paper didn't show up I spoke to the customer service person at the New York Times and he said it was possible it was the same person, but couldn't verify. He said in some areas they have a separate force that delivers, so who knows or cares at this point, I'm getting my paper- Day #3!