Monday, June 27, 2005

So Now What?

I "stay at home" with my kids. Do I love it everyday? No. No I do not. Do I love it more than working in the corporate world? I think so. At least right now I do. See, I was one of those mom's that was afraid of her kids since I really didn't spend much time with them. I left the discipline to the "Professionals", our wonderful daycare employees. Why should I upset them even for a minute, if I only spent time with them on the weekends and evenings?

I thought my sister that stayed home with her kids was a hero for going to the grocery store with three kids. My husband and I always did all of our errands without them. I would get up early on Saturday and run to the grocery store before everyone was awake. I would stop at the dry cleaners while I was on my way to my customer's. So things always got done without the kids around. We would swap who watched them, while the other one did chores and errands.

Now, I do everything with the kids. I don't get nervous about the prospect of going somewhere with my two kids. It's actually fun. They really have become my best friends and co-workers.

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