Monday, June 27, 2005

Staying Home Isn't What I Thought

I pictured being able to have a gourmet meal prepared and ready to go every evening. Oh, and it was going be prepared in a spotlessly clean house. But with two little ones in the house, it seems we can only achieve one of the two, and that is if we are lucky and don't have fun during the day. On days that we have fun, meaning a trip to the zoo, museum, or pool, then we are certain to have an evening like both parents are in the corporate world. We come home at 5:00, the kids are starving, and we don't have an idea about what to cook.

Is it always going to be like this? I don't think so. We are still working out the bugs in the system. We haven't established a routine. We are still playing catch-up from our out of control "two working parents" life.

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