Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taking Stanley to the Hospital

Our dog Stanley is about nine years old. We found a stray beagle when my husband and I bought our first house. I thought it was a sign that we were meant to have her since I always wanted a dog, and after a week in the house, little pregnant Stanley was looking for a home. So quickly she became part of our family, along with one of the six Puppies she produced.

Stanley has had seizures in the spring every year for the last five years. Last night she had one that lasted for two hours. So the minute the girls and I finished our early dinner, we rushed her to the emergency clinic. My husband was working late, so the two kids and I were on our own.

I panicked, thinking, should I send the girls over to a neighbor while I take the dog to the hospital, or should I attempt this alone with the girls? Realizing, that I really should only use the neighbors if it is the last resort, like a baby being born type of stuff, so the four of us went to the hospital with our dog that needed to be carried.

How I managed the two little kids and the dog you ask? Well, I put the baby backpack in the car so I could have my hands free to carry the dog. We couldn't survive without the backpack, but for this we ended up not using it. When we got to the hospital, I was carrying the baby, and holding my three year olds hand, and simply asked the person at the admission desk if she could go out to the Subaru, and pick up the dog.

A simple solution for my "past" fear of doing things with my kids.

So today we are scheduled to take both dogs into our veterinarian's office with both of our dogs. I'll have to let you know if we can handle this too.

Oh, and little Stanley is doing just fine. We are going to get a second opinion today about whether we should medicate her for the rest of her life, which is what the hospital recommended.

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