Thursday, July 21, 2005

Babysitting Cooperative

Since returning from vacation, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed being around my kids. I just spent every hour day and night with them, without a thought of a break. Being gone has really helped me appreciate how much my husband helps out with the kids on a daily basis. Even if it's just for a trip to the post office ALONE, having a few moments really helps my mental state.

So now I'm motivated to start a babysitting cooperative. I have a friend that hesitates to ask us to watch her kids in fear of taking advantage. That why, if we form a formal co-op. We should be able to exchange kids guilt free.

A baby sitting co-op consists of a number of families in a community who
decide to share babysitting among themselves without the exchange of money.
Members agree to share responsibilities for keeping records and for providing
and using services. Babysitting co-ops usually are intended for occasional not
regular childcare.

What Are the Advantages of a Babysitting Co-op?
A babysitting co-op allows neighbors to get to know one another. Children become comfortable among adults and other neighborhood children, and parents come together. By organizing as a co-op, parents expand the options available to them for babysitting, and they can turn neighbors into friends. Here are just a few more advantages of using a babysitting co-op in your neighborhood:

  • Children can make new friends and develop social skills.
  • Children can become close with many families in the neighborhood.
  • No money is spent on babysitting.
  • Occasional day, evening, or emergency overnight care helps families.
  • Parents get some free time.
  • Parents get the opportunity to see their children interact with others.
  • Neighbors get to know one another and create a stronger community.

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Anonymous said...


Babysittting coops are a great idea and have really worked for me. We use this babysitting coop site to manage ours.