Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's Not Just for the Burbs

City life has many advantages, short commutes, leave your car at home for errands, bus lines, diversity, and the list goes on. One factor that I seldom remember to add to the list is the sense of community.

We live in the city on a fairly busy street and every year for the last three, we have been able to get the street together for a urban block party. We block off our street with the approval of the police department, and we wheel our grills, picnic tables, tricycles, kiddie pools and sprinklers into the middle of the street and the fun begins. Everyone brings a dish to share, along with their meat or meat like products to grill as a family. One year we had a band that played until the fans went home (a blessing in disguise since they set up next door, and it was our first day home from the hospital with baby #2)

Of course, living in the city, there occasionally is the person that strolls by for a free hamburger or beer, but that is to be expected, so they usually eat their food, and then head back to where they were going in the first place.

Here is a photo of the fun! What's a party without a polaroid camera?

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo! I clicked on the polaroid link -- hope that earned you $1, or something!