Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cloth Diapers

When I had my first baby I was 100% certain I would use only cloth diapers. Of course, for vacations and special occasions, I would splurge on a disposable diaper. I do love the environment, I swear I do. The day I went back to work, I pretty much gave up the idea of cloth. We found using them on the weekends and evenings not enough to do a full load often, so we always had a gross pail of diapers anxiously awaiting the washing machine. Daycare wouldn't allow us to bring our in children wearing cloth due to health reasons, so it just wasn't practical for us to continue.

As a full time mom, I could justify using disposable since I really am busier than ever, and I do so incredibly much laundry as it is. But the first full week at home, I finally had a true picture of how much waste we were making. Sorry Proctor and Gamble, but I really don't need to help with the landfill, you are doing a great job filling them up without our help. The Swiffer, disposable counter wipes, one use toilet brushes and now disposable bibs! (another stuntmom topic awaits) So after one week we filled up the diaper pail. I mean FULL. So only a week ago I found it so acceptable to be in disposables because I could justify the "save the water and soap" campaign. But since I'm doing so much laundry, what's throwing in a few cloth diapers too?

So I have mastered the technique for cloth diapers. I know there are many schools, but here is what works for me:

1.Chinese prefold cloth diaper inserts
2. Wraps of various sizes and types. I'm in love with biobottoms wool, but I hear they are out of business. They seem to have the best fit for my child and I love the snaps that work to keep them on. I have the good fortune to only have purchased a few since many people try out cloth, and then realize it isn't for them, or their children quickly outgrew a certain size. They are so costly that most people hang onto them in effort to find them a home. So ask around. There could be people you know that want to share their experience with you.
3. A diaper pail. I use a plastic container that used to hold cat litter, because a handle and lid are imperative.

Put all of the dirty diapers in the dry pail. No need to soak. I do soak the overly soiled inserts in the toilet to get them as clean of solid waste as possible before going into the pail, then washer.

I put them in the wash on the pre-wash cycle so they have a chance to rinse before adding my clothes. To Read More click here
Good luck!

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