Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm Not a Slacker

Here is a funny website for all of you Stay at Home Dads! You just have to love the title.
I'm not a Slacker! - The rambles and rants of a stay-at-home dad

But please, I am no way endorsing his suggestions of feeling your kids hotdogs and other processed food. His food choices alone imply that he could be a potential slacker. Does he really use bottled/canned fruit in the summer? Maybe I'm the one in the wrong and needs to relax? Maybe my dreams will be shattered as I stay home longer, and reality will set in that I too will jump on the hotdogs and chicken nugget train.

Possibly worth reading: the side section of the blog mentioning the "dumbass parent of the day".


Anonymous said...

I always feel my kids' food, and I just work from home.

StuntMom said...

Hey thanks for the edit. I didn't realize anyone read my site other than my husband and two local friends.

Anonymous said...

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