Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Dream of Grocery Store Deliveries

It's true! Amazon is now offering groceries delivered via mail (or UPS). The best thing about is that if you order $50 or more through November 30th, you get $10 off. The code is GROCERY3 when you check out. Free shipping on orders over $25 dollars, which is easy to do if you add a case of diapers to your order. Sorry, no perishables, but plenty of natural foods. Happy Grocery Shopping- leave the kids at home, better yet, don't leave your home!

(Feel free to use the Amazon search box in our advertising section- just type "grocery"- every little bit helps, thanks!)


Susan said...

I love this! It's a great service for any busy parent. We ordered a bunch of those single-cup coffee pods from Amazon, but that's the only thing we've tried. I might give more groceries a try. Save a few evening trips to Kroger for more time with my daughter.

Working Moms Against Guilt

StuntBec said...

Why I just received my organic raisins today! Very exciting, if you ask me.

StuntMom said...

I did do a little price shopping (after I ordered my diapers) and noticed if you buy your products at Trader Joe's or on sale at the local grocery store it tends to be cheaper. But for a working parent, or someone like myself that often feels overwhelmed going to the grocery, then Amazon is still a great deal.

StuntBec said...

Yeah, but we don't have a Trader Joe's near us. Shopping is pretty limited up here.