Monday, July 23, 2007

Chart of Praise

This is my second serious attempt at getting our kids to remember the simple things they need to do everyday. Our first attempt ended with a complete lack of wanting a reward such as a sticker, to misplacing the chart and never mentioning it again, until the recreation about two months ago.

We drew the charts together with paper color choices selected by the girls. Our charts are nothing fancy or special, they are just charts that we have hanging in the kitchen next to a pile of tiny stickers. The jobs are pictures that I drew, so they know what the tasks are. Once they learn to read, if we are still doing the charts, then I imagine I will write the words.

Moments after breakfast the older girls, age three and five race to the charts to see what jobs they have yet to do for the morning:

  • Dressed themselves?
  • Fork and spoon for their meals?
  • Brush their teeth? This usually ends the chart review with a rush to the bathroom to check off another box.
  • Pick up their toys? This line remains almost empty. Don't ask why, but they would rather do anything than pick up toys.
  • Go a day without hitting anyone? (Found only on the three year old chart and the line is almost empty with the hitting phase stopped shortly after the chart into so there is a lack of interest)
  • Potty by themselves? (Again found only on the three year olds' chart since the five year old has been using the potty unassisted for a few years)
  • Bed's made?
  • Dog's fed?

Amazing how just a simple piece of paper and a little time has changed our lives for the better. The girls love being responsible and nothing can beat stickers! Friends have asked if they get anything when the chart is done and originally it was never mentioned, but with the suggestion from others, they now get their own sticker book when it's too full. We'll see if they remember that since it is not the motivating factor at all. They just love to see the lines fill up.


Anonymous said...

When the three year old's chart is done, maybe you can reward her by letting her have a FREE SMACKDOWN DAY. All day long, she gets to hit her siblings, parents, dog, neighbors, etc., without fear of reprisals. OK, maybe that's not such a good idea, but it could be a huge motivator to get her to brush her teeth in the morning.

StuntMom said...

Ha Ha. Brilliant idea. I'll run it past her to see if that is a good final goal of the charts. Thanks for your comment though....

Angel17 said...

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