Thursday, July 12, 2007

Post Vacation Blues

This is our first week back from a relaxing sunny week at the beach with all of my sisters, our husbands, kids and my parents. Sound like a nightmare? Well oddly enough it was great. It goes back to the good old Hillary Clinton phrase of "It takes a village". It was wonderful having all of these adults and kids around to play endlessly day and night. It made me think back to a time when life was probably much more like a week at the beach at any given street in any town.

It seemed as though I did little childcare for the week since our main goal was to make it to the beach everyday, which usually happened before 9:00am. Once at the beach the kids played endlessly in the sand with the cousins. Gone are the days of reading on the beach, but I found life relaxing enough just sitting on the beach talking to the other adults around, which was usually at least one or two sisters that I needed to catch up with the latest in their lives.

Today is the first day I was able to snap out the of the post vacation blues since I sat around chatting with a few friends as our kids played in the backyard together for 4 hours. No fighting, wining or constant interruptions, just playing and playing. I feel as though it was a day at the beach since I wasn't the sole person in charge of entertaining my kids. For some reason returning from the beach with so many people around constantly for a week left me feeling isolated for the first time since I've been staying home with my girls. I need to remember the importance of getting together with the other mom's that stay home in effort to make this a good experience for us all.

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