Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Columbus Zoo

With rain in the forecast, umbrellas in the trunk and enough food to get us through a long day, the girls and I, along with another family of three, piled into our minivan for the two hour drive to Columbus.

"Is our Cincinnati Zoo not good enough for you?", I was asked by a friend. Of course it is, but having gone there every week for the last two years, I needed a change. I needed to see something new more than my kids did. I needed to leave behind the messy house and typical places we have been going all summer.

I have to report back, it was worth the drive. The girls walked for eight hour straight looking at all of the new sights. We did sit down to eat for about 10 minutes, and took a boat ride that was maybe another ten minutes of relaxation. The new playgrounds were as exciting as one can imagine in a young child's mind. Not to mention the excitement of just taking a road trip. I'm certain they enjoyed the new variety of animals too, or at least I think they did.

The best part- I'm certain you are thinking it would be the two hour drive home in peace and quiet, but it wasn't. The kids talked to their friend in the back, and looked out the window while listening to music (no fighting). They stayed awake for the whole ride home -including the baby. We got home well past bedtime, took a quick bath, then their heads hit the pillows hard. So now you are thinking that they slept until 10:00am. But this is not the case either. They still woke up at the usual 7:00 am, but the long nap the next day from all three was what made it worth while. They slept for 4 hours in the afternoon which was what I found to be the greatest reward.

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