Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Follow-Up to the Dell Alienware Laptop Post

Speaking of Laptops- Don't buy a Dell Alienware Laptop

Readers and friends, thanks for your comments and concerns. It seems like this has become a hot topic around our circle of friends so I thought I would do a quick recap of the situation.

We never did hear back from Dell once we sent our original invoice out. We figured since the laptop was old- now three years, which my hubby is in the technology business, he insists is old for a laptop. So he figured Steve from Dell who feels that laptops should only last a few years too, took one look at the invoice date and said "Hey, they got their use of it". But I still stick to my original suggestion not to buy from Dell or especially Alienware. They have horrible customer service especially since our complaints a few months after owning the laptop were answered by having us spend more money on a non working system. Ah live and learn. For those that asked, I'm writing this on a sweet HP system. May not look as good, but it doesn't shut down randomly.

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Angel17 said...

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