Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Such a Sweet Gift

I had a birthday a few weeks ago and my two oldest daughters were very excited about the idea of buying me a gift. I insisted that I would love just a painting or something else that they could make, but they had visions of spending some time with Daddy taking them shopping with the purpose being my birthday.

So the big day came and they were besides themselves with excitement. From the moment they woke me up, they kept asking if it was time to open my gifts. They truly understood the meaning of giving. They couldn't wait to see my happy face when I tore the paper off my new earrings or my Fiesta Taco Bar. Sure the earrings were nice, I could wear them to the office, nice and corporate looking. The Fiesta Taco Bar on the other hand I couldn't help but want to return it. I kept wondering if they would notice if it made it's way back to the store, the price was still on at$19.00. The main reason I wanted to return it was that I knew it would take up an entire cupboard, which it did. But I hung onto it like a good gift recipient. I couldn't get rid of it when the oldest kept asking when we were going to have tacos. "Mom, is tonight a good night for Tacos?"

So two weeks later I announce it's taco night. It was great fun. Well worth the $19.00 and cupboard space. The girls meticulously washed the Taco bar in warm soapy water then dried it. They then took turns filling each of the little bowls. They found it funny that I kept having to refill the cucumber holder since they were eating them all, which was my plan. But the cool thing about it all was that they hovered over the bar eating taco after taco as if they hadn't eaten in a month. Taco's are usually eaten after plenty of negotiating but with this crazy pottery space sucker, we were able finish off a box of 10 taco shells, only to open a bag of tortilla chips for finish the rest of the veggie meat.

So the moral of the story- don't look to return everything that you know you just don't need. You may find it's worth at least one night of bliss, although rather frivolous. Oh, and you can find the bar on Ebay if you too want one - but you'll pay a bit more. They are going for $24.00, plus shipping- so really it was a bit of a deal to boot.


Unknown said...

Okay, you realize that now I'm going to HAVE to buy you the tortilla warmer to go with that set...

Anonymous said...

You should look into Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food; really pretty popular. Our daughter has been the big supporter of using this cookbook to "Sneak" veggies into our diets, especially her younger brother's diet. Since she "Owns" picking out recipes, it's the same thing as the taco bar; she eats and smiles at the same time. The Pink Pancakes with beets makes for a fun evening "Breakfast" meal.