Saturday, January 12, 2008

Less Junk Mail

I wanted to follow up with the great success I've had from Catalogue Choice the website that automatically cancels your unwanted subscriptions to mail order catalogues. So far I have cancelled 23 different catalogues and they still keep coming. Now that I have a bookmark on my computer, I instantly check to see if it's on my cancelled list. The pottery barn seems to be holding on the longest, but they do mention that it can take some time to get off their lists, so any day now I imagine I will not be receiving them either. My only regret is that I didn't do it before we moved from our last house. Luckily environmentalist bought the house so most likely they have cancelled them by now.


Anonymous said...

Another choice is it provides one central location at which you can stop junk mail and solicitations from more than 1300 catalogs and more than 5000 charity/nonprofit organizations as well as credit card offers and phone books. This green site also plants trees with every new membership

Angel17 said...

This is a very informative one. Thank you for sharing.