Friday, January 25, 2008

This is NOT a Technology Website, Really

Rather than smashing my new Virgin Mobil phone with a sledge hammer, I figured I would vent my frustrations over the Internet instead. Less clean up, less violent. Oddly enough I have found the need to vent about technology once again. The issue this round is not my crappy Alienware laptop, but my great money saving plan of switching cell phones. My contract with Verizon expired a few years ago and I just never got around to switching to a better plan. Over the Christmas holiday we had some extra time on our hands so my husband found a cheap plan that seems to suit my needs. The plan WAS with Virgin Mobil. It took about two hours of phone conversations with Virgin to get my number switched from Verizon. A few days later my new phone was ready to go, but was claiming that I needed to send more money to activate, which we already did. So I thought I would call them while the kids watched a quick show before bed. Was that ever a mistake. After being on hold for 40 minutes with a young girl occasionally asking me a question, I was disconnected. Don't forget, it takes 7 minutes to finally get live help on the phone. Second attempt I was disconnected again after 15 minutes only I was smart enough, I thought, to give them my home number this time so they could easily call back. I waited for my return phone call, which didn't happen, so I called back once the kids were in bed and once I got a live person I rudely asked to speak to a manager. The manager was able to instantly fix my issue and now my new cheap phone is up and running.

So would I make the switch again? No I would not. I would go with a company that has been around longer than Virgin Mobil. Not that I have any idea how long they have been around, but I sense it is a matter of months. I have not been impressed with their customer service, if anything they should have left me with not only my twenty dollars on the phone, but free 270 minutes, since that is how long I spent just trying to set my phone up. I do get the sense I'm not their target audience, so maybe they could care less about keeping this cranky mom using a Virgin Mobil Cell phone. Go figure.

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